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For over 20 years, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists has offered emergency vehicle and any other type of vehicle graphics service to its ever-growing customer base. Our 5,000 square foot Graphics Department includes 4 bays to handle most any project and we can even make arrangements for custom graphic packages for specialized vehicles such as boats, trailers, ATV's and even helicopters!

Employing full time staff members with years of experience, VCI is committed to getting your emergency vehicle service job done right by using Gerber edge printers, 15 & 50 inch cutters and 24 inch pressure laminators. And, by utilizing only the highest grade products, caring professional installation done by emergency services people, VCI is committed to providing quality customized graphics in a timely fashion. VCI's graphics offerings include:

Diamond Grade Chevroning


VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists can custom engineer any vehicle to meet very specific design specifications. Every stripe you'll see on a VCI vehicle has been created specifically for that vehicle, chassis and department.  The stripes are categorized into four groups for you to search as you prepare to create your own custom identity.

  • Beltlines: Beltlines, for example, include a K specification standard, but range widely and includes double stripes. LEARN MORE >

  • Upsweep: A class that includes many stripes originally created by Horton, Upsweep stripes include the Horton Flying H stripe. LEARN MORE >

  • Two Color: Two Color stripes mean the vehicle is painted in two different colors before the stripe is applied. So many of the beltline and upsweep characteristics can be found among these stripes as well. LEARN MORE >

  • Custom: So what else could there be? Custom stripes include vehicles that feature a Star of Life or a Sinus Rhythm as the main graphic element. Whatever is left over, fits in our totally custom category. LEARN MORE >


Company Door Seals

Gators and Boats


License Plates

Maltese Crosses

"Property of" Labeling

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**Emergency Service is 24/7**

Payment Options

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VCI Stripe Choices


The standard starts with an 8 inch stripe, with 1/4 inch black border top and bottom. As you will see from the examples below, variations on the belt stripe can be striking, especially when combined with lettering. See examples below.



Upsweep stripes start with a beltline stripe, with the stripe extending upward toward the front or rear of the vehicle. They often have a break in the upsweep section for a star of life symbol, or department logo.


Two Color

Many departments like to start their stripe design with two different paint colors, like white above the belt line, and red below. The other style is to have the roof a contrasting color from the body, starting from the scene lights or from the drip rail.


While almost every stripe package is custom, some are more customized than others. In these examples, custom stripes are grouped by those with a Start of Life theme, an EKG represented, or just Custom.

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