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Horton Features

VI Tech

Horton Emergency Vehicles' exclusive new VI-Tech Mounting System is the first mounting system developed specifically for ambulances. The chassis-tuned vibration-isolation technology produces dramatic results. The mounts are tuned for each specific chassis to dampen unwanted vibration and noise.

While VI-Tech isolates the body from the road, it also enhances handling with less bounce and sway. This vibration reduction protects people, cabinets and equipment from jarring on harsh roads.

Unique double fail-safe design ensures mount keeps the body in place. The neoprene elastomer dampener resists oils, ozone and most solvents to provide long lasting service.

The VI-Tech solution is more than just the body mount. Dampened extrusions further reduce the transmission of noise making it easier to take blood pressures and provide the best patient care.

Patient Area Contamination

A great deal of publicity and discussion in the world of EMS involves ambulance safety. While occupant safety in the event of a crash is important, focusing solely on impact safety is a great injustice to EMS workers. The daily exposure to microbial contamination in the patient area offers a much more widespread risk that is often given only cursory treatment or is ignored altogether.

Horton Emergency Vehicles has also long recognized the importance of patient area contamination and has attacked the issue on two fronts. First, Horton has removed all natural organic materials from the vehicle. Decaying organic compounds often serve as hosts in which microbial contaminants can breed and multiply. Wood and wood related products that absorb moisture are excellent examples of poor material selection. Horton's commitment to new technology composite materials capitalizes on their unique features while eliminating contamination danger at the same time.

Even more important is Horton's development of material selections and techniques that actually incorporate the ability to kill undesirable microbes on an ongoing basis inside the vehicle.

While typically used wipe-down procedures should still be followed religiously, tests have shown them to be far from 100 percent effective. That's where Horton interiors come into play. Our interior materials in cabinets, headliners, floors, grab handles and upholstery now actively fight and destroy bacterial growth 24 hours a day. We are there to help protect your staff, even when they are not using the vehicle. The anti-bacterial properties are permanent -- they will be working as long as you own your Horton Emergency Vehicle. How much additional do you have to pay for these critical options? Nothing. They all come standard on every Horton Emergency Vehicle.

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