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Horton Emergency Vehicles was one of the true pioneers among van ambulance builders of the late 1960's. The first inhalation areas to feature plumbed oxygen and suction systems were developed by Horton. Other Horton innovations grew to include the all-aluminum welded body, modular cabinetry, electronically-controlled oxygen systems, electronic throttle controls, solid state electronics, vehicle diagnostics and electrical load management.

Innovation has always been in the Horton Emergency Vehicles' reputation and because of this there are many ways that Horton stands apart from other manufacturers when it comes to the specific features and industry firsts!


  • Intelliplex i4G Electrical System - Intelliplex i4G is a visual command center that offers various visual controls and prompts for all of your operational needs and provides a complete state of the art technological connectivity for Horton customers. < See MORE on i4G FEATURES >


  • Cool Tech II- Boasting a 100,000 BTU cooling condenser capacity, Horton's Cool-Tech II represents the best HVAC innovation in EMS today. < See MORE on Cool-Tech II FEATURES >


  • HOPS - (Horton Occupant Protection System) Provides real solutions with the substance of solid engineering and verification testing behind a comprehensive safety system for ambulance rollover accidents.


  • VI-Tech Mounting System - The first Chassis Tuned Vibration Isolation Technology Mounting System developed specifically for ambulances.


  • Impact/Crash Testing - Horton Emergency Vehicles has had an ongoing impact testing program since 1974 and has added direct impact destructive testing to exceed SAE standards.


  • Intelliplex Multiplex Communication System - Advanced solid state electrical design for emergency vehicles to allow the customer to make the vehicle operate the way the department wants it to.




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Client Testimonial

“When it comes to safety for our EMTs and the patient, no competitive vehicle comes close to a Horton. And no other dealer compares to VCI in sales, service and support.”

-President Paul Mercready and Captain Joan Tarr
Whiting First Aid Squad
Whiting, New Jersey

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