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Cool-Tech II

The Eco Smart Cool-Tech II™ system features a 4-fan 100,000 BTU condenser located in a 4" pocket in the roof with the four unit  four unit "Smart fans" being controlled by the custom designed Cool-Tech Eco Smart Fan Controller. The fans will not power up like a normal condenser which powers ALL fans any time the A/C system is turned on, but rather the Cool-Tech II™ fans are energized based on system head pressure at the condenser.

Increased stand-alone efficiency can be provided with the optional energy efficient solar panel that charges batteries while providing enough surplus power to operate other fixtures. The solar panel control module is located in the electronics cabinet for easy access.

Since Horton’s Cool-Tech II™ Eco Smart Controller provides performance monitors, operators are able to see alert messages immediately so that action can be taken to correct any issues. The Eco Smart Controller also maintains a system pressure control designed to not only balance fan usage for equipment longevity, but also to use power efficiently.  With all of the Cool-Tech II™ features and innovations, the design provides style with substance!


Standard competitor HVAC units provide their users with an average of 30,000 - 60,000 BTUs. Understanding the needs of its customers, especially those in hot climates, Horton improved the industry benchmark with the introduction of Cool-Tech II™.

Testing has shown that the Cool-Tech II™ system was able to perform a complete module cool down in less than 9 minutes, while competitor offerings typically perform the same task in a range of 19-22 minutes.

This drastic 52% reduction in cool-down time allows end-users to more quickly and effectively provide a stable and comfortable environment for occupants and technicians alike.

Cool-Tech II offers you improved operations, utilizing a controller that is smarter and more efficient to meet your daily needs.

Horton's Cool-Tech II was designed and programmed to make your job easier, create a stable environment and extend the life of your system!


Contact us today to see what VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists and Cool-Tech IIcan do for your emergency vehicle!

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Horton Cool-Tech II Features

A New Industry Standard.

Horton's COOL-TECH II™ is a new standard in the industry with an ECO smart controller to provide the best maintenance and performance.

Four Unit "Smart Fans"

Programmed to engage only when necessary and rotate function, the controller ensures optimal performance and conservation on condenser amp draw. Current condensers on the market power all fans, regardless of need. This causes unnecessary wear on the fans and full amp draw on the chassis electrical system any time the A/C system is on.

The Smart Controller receives the pressure readings from the transducer and is programmed to power the fans in four different stages. Fan operation stages are 175 psi, 200 psi, 225 psi and 250 psi. If the temperature outside is 70 degrees and the head pressure is less than 175 psi, the system will not power the fans. The Cool-Tech II condenser is very powerful and can cool the refrigerant without powering the fans on low load.

The Eco Smart Controller is also programmed so that the fan that starts first in the sequence changes each time the battery switch is cycled to help balance fan usage!


Energy Efficient Solar Panel


Providing up to 1.2 amps, the solar panel delivers enough power to operate seven LED dome lights and still have surplus to charge the truck batteries.



Performance Monitors


The ECO smart controller will monitor system performance and send alert messages to the operator when necessary. Minor issues can be identified and remedied before they manifest into system problems. For example, if the controller is reading high amp draw or short, it will send a, "Cool tech Fan Fault" message to the front control panel display.


System Pressure Control  


Whether your rig is in park or in motion, the ECO smart controller will adjust fan usage to maintain optimal system operating pressure, reducing wear on the compressor.

 The fans will come on one at a time until either the pressure stops rising in the system, or all of the fans are on. On normal operations, the system will only power 2-3 fans based on load. Fan operation is independent from air conditioning operations. Fans will continue to run after the A/C system has been placed in the shutoff position, until the head pressure is below 175 psi, similar to a car radiator fan operation.


Style with Substance


Breaking the industry's design mold, Horton moved the condenser from the front of the box to a recessed pocket on top of the module.

This new design has several added benefits including:


•  Additional body space area for light bars, custom light patterns, graphics or logos.
•  Reduced noise disturbance due to the elimination of wind turbulence.
•  Condenser protection from salt, mud, rocks, debris and tree branches.

Style and function do not have to be mutually exclusive.

At Horton, they work hard to produce products and innovations that incorporate both. The Cool-Tech II is a perfect example of this.



See our Horton Cool-Tech II Warranty HERE!


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