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Intelliplex i4G

Viv-Tech Intelliplex i4G™ dual-purpose display features an enhanced, 7" LCD touch screen, with custom programming capabilities as a visual Command Center. To the left and right of the screen are eight "mission-critical" buttons, which allow users to complete the most essential ambulance functions in the unlikely event of screen failure.

Increased input and output modules provides nearly limitless performance and command customization – users can fully multiplex thousands of operations. Available in super or mini size depending on necessity, the i4GTM module includes LED status lights for easy troubleshooting.

With streamlined programing, updates have never been easier. Horton’s i4G™ allows system updates via USB port. In the unlikely event that a system update is necessary, Horton can email the programming file. Simply download the file onto a USB drive, and upload to your vehicle. Intelliplex i4G™ reduces the possibility of ambulance downtime, providing you quick programming capabilities. i4G also helps extend the life of your emergency asset with a revolutionary self-directing preventative maintenance program.


Providing the last link in connectivity, optional Horton Connect mobile app puts ambulance control in the palm

of your hand. With a simple tap on the screen of a smart phone or tablet device, you can lock/unlock doors, change climate, adjust interior and exterior lights, turn on or off your vehicle, and more!

The secure mobile app also connects the ambulance to a cloud-based Command Center, where customized preventative maintenance schedules are tracked. When necessary, the system will send reminders or alerts to users via i4G™ screen, mobile app and email.

Intelliplex i4G offers you improved operations, utilizing an electrical control system that is faster, stronger and smarter than ever before.

Simply put, Intelliplex i4G was designed and programmed to make your job easier, create a safer environment and extend the life of your ambulance!



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Horton Intelliplex i4G Features

A new era "Smart controls" has arrived.

Horton's fourth generation electrical system redefines the industry with enhanced displays, endless programming capabilities and optimized performance.

Viv-Tech Dual-Purpose Display 

This display presents module commands on an easy-to-navigate LCD digital screen with screen technology which allows for endless command settings. Because the screen is designed with anti-glare/anti-reflective properties, Viv-Tech is able to personalize display controls with day/night screens and adjustable dimmer settings to allow clear viewing in any type of light.

Featuring eight "mission-critical" buttons that provide control over the most basic functions, each tactile button is accented with LED lighting, allowing quick visual recognition, even at night.

Visual Command Center


Beyond basic displays such as patient status and seatbelt warnings, i4G offers various visual controls and prompts including:


  Front Console
  Back Console
•  One-touch emergency master control
•  Light on/off (both interior and exterior) command and status
•  Light on/off (both interior and exterior) command and status
•  Door open/close status
•  Door open/close status
•  O2 tank/line pressure control and status
•  Inside/outside temperature
•  Stopwatch and interval timer
•  Time and date stamp
•  Climate control
•  RPM and voltage
•  Ventilation
•  Reverse and module camera feeds
•  GPS (optional)
•  Maintenance tracking


    Intelliplex i4G™ supports an LED push-start button to wake your module when the chassis is turned off. The new "wake start" option allows you to easily take care of module tasks without having to turn on your ambulance chassis.

Limitless Performance


Customers with specific or complex electrical control requirements can rely on the capabilities of i4G to fully multiplex thousands of operations from one central location. No longer will multiple screens, displays or switches need integration into an electrical system - i4G™ can do it all. Even with increased capabilities, the i4G™ executes commands without lag time and starts up in under a second.

Intelliplex i4G leverages a masterless electrical system, meaning no operation is relying upon another to direct its function. each smart module carries its own programming and separate processor, reducing the possibility of system failure or complication. No i4G component will ever go dormant as a result of a change or update in another system 

Streamline Programming  


When your system needs updates, Horton can send it to you an an email attachment. Just transfer to a jump drive and plug in to your i4G console. Simplified programming allows you to quickly and effectively perform updates, reducing ambulance downtime.


Preventative Maintenance Program


Intelliplex i4G revolutionizes system/ambulance integration with a self-directing preventative maintenance program. Fully customizable, the i4G PM program monitors system benchmarks and sends visual maintenance reminders.To ensure uninterrupted operations, warning messages will not appear during emergency calls.

By proactively monitoring and communicating maintenance, i4G helps extend the life of your emergency asset. Intelliplex i4G can monitor up to 20 preventative maintenance item by hours, days, months or miles.


Horton Connect


And last, but certainly not least is the elite communication system, Horton Connect, to support all of your operational needs.

This package provides complete connectivity for Horton customers, featuring a Wi-Fi module, mobile app and cloud-based Command Center in which Horton Connect interacts seamlessly to keep you connected to your ambulance at all times.

The custom-designed Horton Connect mobile app allows designated users to connect and direct ambulance functions from any Apple, Android or Windows device. With a simple tap on your screen, you have the ability to lock/unlock the doors, control internal temperature, or even remote start your ambulance!

The mobile app also allows users to connect their ambulance to a cloud-based Command Center. Preventative maintenance reminders are displayed on both the mobile app and console screens, and sent in email form to authorized users. All information on ambulance diagnostics is stored on the cloud for easy access and future reference. For the best ambulance control experience available, choose Horton Connect. 


Download our Intelliplex i4G Horton Connect Brochure HERE!


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