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Intelligent. Multiplex. Solid State.

Intelligent multiplexed electronic communication is the future of the emergency vehicle industry. Long the leader in solid state vehicle electronics, Horton has applied years of proven field experience to create Intelliplex, the most advanced and the most reliable, programmable, logic-controlled electrical system ever created for ambulance and rescue use. Horton has long been the acknowledged leader in advanced solid state electrical design for emergency vehicles. Once again, Intelliplex sets the stage for unmatched performance and flexibility. Electrical load management, no-load starting, digital driver and attendant information centers, diagnostics, vehicle status monitoring systems, oxygen management, programmable flash patterns, multiple timer circuits -- it's all standard. If that's not enough, customization to fit unique needs is readily available to make your vehicle perform to your specifications with minimal maintenance and down time.

Sealed for your protection.

Decontamination of patient areas is always a concern for EMTs and patients alike. Because switch panels are often operated by hands contaminated while treating a patient, the normal crevices and gaps around traditional switches and panels become breeding grounds for bacteria. They are impossible to clean. Horton's Intelliplex System provides the solution. All gaps and crevices in typical mechanical switch systems have been eliminated. The control panels feature a smooth, cleanable surface that is easily decontaminated using the same commercial sprays or solutions applied in the rest of the vehicle. Bloody gloves or germ laden liquids are no longer a challenge. What vehicle operator hasn't experienced the disaster created when a soft drink or a cup of coffee is spilled onto an electrical control panel? Shorted switches or destroyed circuit boards are a thing of the past with Intelliplex. A simple spray and wipe with a soft cloth and you are back in business.

Reliability You Can Depend On

While traditional emergency rocker switch technology is reliable for about 25,000 cycles before switch failure, Horton's high durability switches are rated for over one million cycles. The stainless steel dome technology provides highly reliable positive contact unattainable with rocker or membrane style switches. Emergency switches are color coded for quick, clear access. Switch responses, sizes and locations are all engineered to conform to the latest in human factors standards for easy access and clarity of operation under emergency conditions. Finding switch locations at night is easy. Every switch has a lighted perimeter. The soft backlighted glow of each Intelliplex control panel is controlled by its own dimmer switch for a comfortable intensity level independent of the chassis dash lighting.

Visible and Audible Communications

The 12 volt real time clock features a five year battery backup system. Trip records for billing or maintenance are a snap with Horton's standard trip odometer system and built-in 24-hour clock. The warning message center allows the vehicle to communicate multiple sets of information directly to the driver with both visible and audible warning messages. The same information is also made immediately available to anyone working in the rear of the vehicle. Oxygen levels, patient status, stop clock, door open warnings or informational messages provide instant feedback. Shorted output on an electrical circuit? Intelliplex will inform you on the warning display panel.

Reduced Wiring, Reduced RFI

Multiplex technology has been adopted by nearly every chassis manufacturer because of its unique ability to handle large amounts of information while reducing wiring needs and increasing flexibility for the end user. Without multiplexing it would require approximately 576 wires and 1152 connections to attach all of the switches and LEDs in a standard electrical system. Proven highly reliable after years of use in the telecommunications industry, it is the foundation on which future designs are being created in all segments of the electronics industry. Intelliplex's multiplex technology sends several signals through one wire at a relatively low speed, reducing the number of wires in the vehicle and eliminating much of the radio frequency interference (RFI) found in traditional systems. Traditional systems send noisy, high speed signals and require one wire for each signal, multiplying the RFI problem. Highly resistant to high speed RFI, the Horton system is fully protected against inadvertent reverse polarity, and both 12 volt and 24 volt spikes. Overload and short circuit protection are a step beyond existing systems.

Programmed to Fit Your Department's Needs

Flexibility made Horton famous. Intelliplex takes that concept to a new level. Infinite flash patterns for the warning lights. Interior lighting levels to suit any need -- it's all there. The customer has total control of how the switches work, how the lights work, and under what conditions certain responses or messages must occur. While the hardware in the vehicle may be the same, full programmability allows the customer to make the vehicle operate the way the department wants it to operate. No longer are you at the mercy of manufacturers who design a vehicle to operate only their way. If a later change is required or new features need to be added, a simple programming change updates the unit with little or no labor. The vehicle will not become obsolete -- it is designed to keep up with the times.

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