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Horton Testing

Computer Simulation Testing

Computer modeling is an essential tool for safety testing. It allows engineers to develop possible solutions, then run a simulation to predict and pretest engineering assumptions.

Direct Impact Testing

Body integrity is crucial to occupant safety. While current industry standards call for static load tests and static pull tests, dynamic impact and sled testing is the only way to put the modular structure to the test.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) corner impact test pictured on this page verifies the integrity of patient area by striking the roof edge with a computer-controlled sled, whose speed, weight, and ultimately, force of impact, are all measurable and controlled.

Hygee Sled

Hygee sled testing works like a crash in reverse. The ambulance body is accelerated forward in an instant to create impacts of 20, 30 and even 235G's.

This type if testing is used to check body mounting, door closure systems, cabinet integrity, body structure, oxygen cylinder mounting and more.

High speed cameras and instrumented test dummies capture the data for quantifiable results.

Rollover Testing

The dynamic rollover test machine, one of only two in the country, enables test engineers to simulate a rollover event while recording significant test data from inside the vehicle.

The Hybrid III test dummies are fully instrumented to check head strike impacts, G loads, neck loading and seat belt forces. Comparisons are made to evaluate base line data against data collected with new experimental systems and to ensure the efficacy of the solution.

Massive amounts of data are collected and fed to a computer with sensors in Hybrid III dummies and in the patient area.

Static Load Testing

Testing body integrity to current SAE or Federal KKK specification static-load regulations creates an unrealistic complacency regarding safety.

Static load tests, like the FMVSS tests for seat belts and door latches, test hardware, not the impact on an attendant.

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