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Horton Ambulances Unique Features

There are many ways a Horton Emergency Vehicle stands apart from the others: unparalleled quality, durability and safety, but also innovations. Only Horton has the resources to develop new technology to meet your needs. 

Sound Control

Ask any EMS worker about noise in his vehicle's patient area and he will regale you with stories about the inability to take blood pressures, calm irritated patients, and hear radio calls due to the noisy environment in a vehicle on an emergency run.

For years, emergency medical technicians have accepted those conditions as "just part of the job." Vehicle manufacturers, too, have been passive and have given the problem only cursory treatment either because of lack of technical skill or incentive to improve.

Horton Emergency Vehicles Exclusive Ten Step Sound Suppression Process at last provides solutions to the problem of vehicle sound suppression. Only on Horton vehicles can a customer find the complete package. And the following features are all standard:

  • Underbody completely covered with sprayable, non-flammable latex coating
  • Body Interior walls, roofs and interior compartment walls treated with sprayable non-flammable latex coating
  • Access and compartment door interiors finished with sprayable non-flammable latex coating
  • The backs of all interior cabinets are wrapped in antiphon damping material
  • Door interiors lined with polydamp intefoam extensional damping pad
  • Body structural tubes filled with non-resonating dampening material
  • Side stepwell areas backed with PT Damping Pad
  • All walls insulated with 2" Technicon Polyfiber acoustic insulation. Headliners double insulated with 2" Technicon Polyfiber and a Reflectix barrier
  • Constrained layer technology, "Quiet Metal," is used to create the body subfloor
  • Stratoflex II, a sound suppressing/insulating composite is applied beneath the patient area vinyl flooring material
  • Horton's exclusive Chassis Tuned VI-Tech mounting system provides vibration reduction and structure-borne noise attenuation

Electronic Privacy Glass

With the click of a switch, Horton's exclusive Electronic Privacy Windows go from clear to opaque. At the site, you'll be able to provide your patients with the privacy they deserve. Once on the road, clear the window for the ride to the hospital.

Keyless Entry

Punch in your security code and unlock all the vehicle doors and the cabinets without searching for keys. Our flexible system allows you to decide what is opened with the keypad. Have all the door unlock or just the chassis doors. With a quick three-digit code, lock your doors as you leave the vehicle.

Energy Absorbing Rear Step

The single most common maintenance item, the rear step is subject to multiple impacts day in and day out. The energy absorbing rear step minimizes damage and minimizes vehicle downtime.

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