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Rescue Vehicles

For over 20 years, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists has provided our customers with quality rescue vehicles that are safe and fully customizable. EMS directors, Inter Facility Transportation companies, and Fire Chiefs alike have come to VCI and trusted our sales staff for their high knowledge of the industry and the Federal guidelines for all rescue vehicles we sell. Our representatives consult closely with each customer and base their recommendations on the customer's specific operations, current mission, possible future endeavors, terrain and budget. We will make sure that the rescue vehicle you receive fits your departments needs and funds.

Step by Step Sales Process: What to Expect from VCI when Purchasing a Rescue Vehicle

  1. Firstly, a sales representative will meet with you and review what your needs are as a department in terms of chassis request, module length, storage requirements and equipment requirements.
  2. Then, your sales representative will give a recommendation on the best chassis type to fit your needs, also taking into consideration the operations your rescue vehicle will be performing, the terrain it will be encountering, and your department's budget.
  3. Specifications are then completed along with conceptual drawings. A final quote is presented and agreed upon by all parties.
  4. Once your rescue vehicle has been built at the Horton factory, VCI will do a thorough inspection of it at the Horton headquarters and, if everything checks out okay, will schedule to receive the rescue vehicle at a VCI facility from the factory.
  5. When your rescue vehicle arrives at the main VCI facility in Berlin, we complete the setup by installing anything requested by you and your department, such as mobile radios and other miscellaneous equipment.
  6. Lastly, the lettering and graphics are applied and the vehicle is delivered to your department, ready for service!

If your department or EMS squad is in need of any type of rescue vehicle, look no further than VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists. We carry the Horton Rescue Vehicles line which are known to be flexible, durable, and safe! Contact us today at1-800-394-2162 or fill out our easy online form here!

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Rescue Vehicle Applications

Not only is the Horton Rescue line perfect as an extrication or equipment truck, but they are also used for many other situations, including:

  • Firefighting Support Operations
  • Air and Light Truck
  • Personnel Rehab
  • Incident Command and Control
  • Haz-Mat Mitigation
  • Dive Rescue/SCUBA Support Vehicles
  • Mass Casualty Supply Units
  • Riot Control
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
  • Incident Command and Control
  • Surveillance

Light, Medium, or Heavy Duty? How to Decide

When choosing a rescue vehicle you have three options: Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty.  The main factors that contribute to the right selection for your department include payload requirements, the amount of equipment to be used on the rescue vehicle, and the amount of expected personnel on board.

Horton Rescue Vehicles

With more than 30 years of experience in the emergency vehicle industry, Horton Emergency Vehicles has constructed a state-of-the-art Rescue Vehicles series. Providing light, medium, and heavy duty options, Horton's Rescue Vehicles line has got you covered for whatever your department requires.

Horton Light Duty Rescue Vehicle


Horton Medium Duty Rescue Vehicle


Horton Heavy Duty Rescue Vehicle

Click here for more information
on this rescue vehicle type!

Click here for more information
on this rescue vehicle type!
Click here for more information
on this rescue vehicle type!

Whether it is a walk-in or walk-around unit, there is flexibility and durability in any model you choose. With a customizable compartment design, any Horton Rescue Vehicle can be built to any department's specifications or needs. Horton has thought of it all, from the roll-out trays and vertical dividers to the bottle storage racks and tilt-down access -- it's all there to assist in locating and mounting equipment in a functional manner. Also, access to equipment from both sides of the vehicle can be achieved through transverse compartments. And to provide optimal performance and flexibility, reels, power supplies, generators and light packages can be rearranged to fit your truck's setup and design.

Safety also need not be an issue with the Horton Rescue Vehicles series. Construction and safety features on all models are heavily tested in an ongoing dynamic testing program, including Hygee sled programs and destructive impact testing. You can rest assured that the Horton Rescue Vehicles you choose will be reliable in getting your rescue team to their destination safely.

If your department or EMS squad is in need of any type of rescue vehicle, look no further than the Horton Rescue Vehicles line. They are flexible, durable, and safeguarded so that your department can build the perfect rescue vehicle to fit your needs without compromising the safety of your crew.

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