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Horton Light Duty Rescue 168 Model

The Horton Light Duty Rescue 168 model includes a body length of 168”, a width of 96” and is available in a Ford or Dodge chassis with a Walk Around or Walk In body style. The Gross Vehicle Weight of this Light Duty Rescue can be as high as 19,500 lbs.

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Examples of Modifications to the Horton LDR 168

This Horton Light Duty Rescue 168 vehicle body was customized to be extended 6 additional inches. It houses an 8kw hydraulic generator; two electric cord reels; multi-cylinder medical O2 system; 50 gallon water tank with electric pump and hose reel; communication and command center compartment; and a 3000 watt light tower. 

This Horton Light Duty Rescue 168 carries a 5kw Raven belt-driven generator; recessed, roof mounted 3000 watt telescoping light tower; two 500 watt telescoping trip lights mounted on the exterior rear; and two electric cord reels. 
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This Horton LDR vehicle, built for export, features a sink with hot water, microwave, large screen TV for the video camera on a 20' mast and tracvision satellite, removable conference table and a fold down bunk. It also houses a COFDM video transmitter system, 20,000 watt generator, Columbia weather station, and dual roof-top AC.

Horton Quick Spec: LDR 168

Body Style: Walk Around, Walk-In
Chassis: Dodge, Ford
Box Length: 168.25"
Width: 96.25"
Headroom: 78"
GVWR: 17,950 lbs.

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